Coffee Roaster
  • Coffee Roaster

    Our roasters are made out of durable hard wearing materials that are built to last. The basic design concept is based on the original Jabez Burnz Drum roaster from the late 18th Century.

    We use propane gas to fuel the burner, this has no effect on the taste or quality of the resulting roast. 


    The drum, shaft and end caps are manufactured out of Stainless Steel and put through an electroplating process, this gives the drum a shiny coat and restricts any blemishing on the surface.

    The main body of the roaster is manufactured out of powder-coated Aluminium and the unit has a hardwood base with rubber feet.

    Gas burner components are manufactured by Cadac quality products. 

    Overall The Machinist Coffee roaster is tried and tested for durability and consistently produces a very satisfying quality roast.


    Our roaster comes with all gas accessories, and a husk tray, ready to roast your first batch.

    You will need a standard propane gas cylinder. 

    R5 778,00Price